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What to Expect From Your Home Inspection (And What To Do)

Home inspections what to expect

If you’re in the market to purchase a new home, at some point you will want to get a home inspection. Even though a home inspection is not required, getting a home inspection is typical in real estate and usually done for the benefit of the buyer. Almost always the buyer will pay for a home inspection out of their pocket.

What happens during a home inspection? Home inspectors will typically inspect a variety of areas around the house from top to bottom and in between. If you are well prepared for home inspections and what to expect all the better.

Keep reading to learn more about what can help and/or hurt your home inspection when you are in the process of buying a home.

What does a home inspector do?

A home inspector is a qualified individual who will schedule a visit and come to the home and take a detailed assessment. The inspector will let you know if he/she finds any safety hazards, lurking damage, and how the appliances throughout the home fare. Overall, before as well as after the inspection, he/she should be able to do home inspections and let you what to expect.

Experts say home inspections are important and knowing what to expect upfront can be helpful. A home inspection may afford the buyer some negotiating power to lower the price or ask that repairs with identified issues be addressed before continuing with the sale.

Also, home inspections and knowing what to expect might provide you with a good assessment of what the condition of the home is in and inform you of any problems before finalizing the purchase.

Bottom line: what to expect during a home inspection visit with your inspector may help in the long run of making or breaking the purchase.


First, arrange to meet with the chosen home inspector at the property. Here you can meet them up close and personal and ask questions. Also, he/she can tell you about home Inspections and what to expect.

On completion of the home inspection, the home inspector can discuss any problems that were uncovered while assessing the house.

If you cannot meet personally with the home inspector, let them know upfront. You will need to arrange for them to have a key to access the home. You can also ask a friend or relative to go on-site to let the home inspector in. It’s wise to let the home inspector or the company know beforehand that you want to know about home inspections what to expect this way you or the person who will be at the home will be prepared.

Full assessment

Make sure during the inspection the hired home inspector inspects every nook and cranny when he/she does a home inspection and at the same time has offered you a heads up as to what to expect during a home inspection.

A qualified home inspector will explore all areas of the house, basement, attic, all doors, and windows, as well as the roof. The home inspector will turn on water faucets to see if there are any possible plumbing problems.

Also, when signing up for a home inspection and learning about what to expect you will be ready for anything. Keep in mind a home inspection to take between two to three hours or maybe more depending on the size of the home.

On completion, your home inspector will issue you a full report once he/she is done and explain what to expect afterward.

For instance, once the inspector has completed the inspection, he/she might briefly discuss his/her findings. The inspector will also take tons of photos and will send you a detailed report with what he/she found while inspecting the home.

Share your report with your real estate agent as soon as you can. This is part of home inspections and what to expect once the home inspector leaves the home.

Additionally, your real estate agent will get the report and figure out if you should carry on with the contract, ask for items to be repaired before proceeding, or asking for a lower purchase price instead of needed repairs. Knowing what to expect during a home inspection can save you time and possible heartache.

Finding a home inspector

Looking for the best home inspector is part of home inspections what to expect. Finding the best home inspector for you can take time, so don’t wait until the last minute to make your choice. You will want to hire a home inspector who is a professional and who can find important possible life-threatening safety hazards.

Check credentials

In many states, home inspectors do need to be licensed, while in some states it is not a requirement. This is something you should research and know in terms of home inspections what to expect initially. But wherever you reside, it’s important to check that the home inspector you choose has the proper credentials. You should also request a sample inspection report to see what the home inspector will be looking for.

Look at online reviews

A good way to learn about qualified home inspectors and if they fit your needs is to read online reviews. If there are a lot of reviews that could be a good thing as it means the home inspector is used often. Read negative and positive reviews to learn as much as you can from those who used the home inspector and how they rated their customer satisfaction. All of this is part of home inspections what to expect during the lengthy process.

Ask for a referral

Try asking a relative or friend or someone you trust if they have a home inspector, they used that they could recommend. Your Realtor too should have a list of qualified home inspectors they can suggest

Smart move

Hiring a home inspector is a smart idea if you are in the process of buying a home. They can often save you from buying a house that may have numerous underlying problems.


Also, a home inspection can cost between $300 and $500, according to various websites and experts. However, it will depend on the home’s location, the size of the home, and what exactly you want inspected. In the end when getting ready for home inspections what to expect and you will be ahead of the game.

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