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Are Home Inspections Required In NY? Find The Right Answer

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Addressing Home Inspections in New York Once You Decide to Sell

Since COVID-19 became the new norm perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to leave New York and want to relocate to a smaller, more rural place in America. Once you’ve settled on a real estate agent and when to put up the ‘for sale’ sign you might be asking if you need a home inspection to sell the home and are home inspections required in New York.

Home Inspections Are Not Required in New York State

According to the website under the section of Division of Licensing Services, you must be licensed to do home inspections in New York State and but according to New York State laws regarding home inspections, it is not mandatory to have an inspection. Also, while it is a good thing to have an inspection, it’s important to note that a home inspection isn’t a warranty or an insurance policy nor does it refer to construction or building codes.

What to Expect in a Home Inspection in New York State?

If you decide you want to sell remember home inspections aren’t required in New York State, but a good idea. First think about hiring the best and most qualified home inspector in New York State and know ahead of time what’s included in a home inspection.

What Home Inspections Include in New York State

During a home inspection that is not required in New York State, a home inspector will look at a house's HVAC system, interior plumbing, and electrical systems, roof, attic, floors. windows and doors, foundation, basement, and structural components, then provide a written report with results.

More in Depth Focus of Home Inspections in New York

In addition to the above expectations of what your home inspector will survey there are more in-depth things to factor in. Structural elements like the construction of walls, ceilings, floors, roof, and foundation. Exterior evaluations such as wall coverings, landscaping, grading, elevation, drainage, driveways, fences, sidewalks, fascia, trim, doors, windows, lights, and exterior receptacles.

Roof and attic inspection could include framing, ventilation, type of roof construction, flashing, and gutters. It does not include a guarantee of roof condition nor a roof certification.

Plumbing inspection for the identification of pipe materials used for potable, drain, waste, and vent pipes including condition. Toilets, showers, sinks, faucets, and traps. It does not include a sewer inspection.

Systems and components like water heaters, furnaces, air conditioning, ductwork, chimney, fireplace, and sprinklers.

Electrical items including the main panel, circuit breakers, types of wiring, grounding, exhaust fans, receptacles, ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

Appliances will get a once over like a dishwasher, range and oven, built-in microwaves, garbage disposal, and yes, even smoke detectors.

The garage will be inspected for slab, walls, ceiling, vents, entry, firewall, garage door, openers, lights, receptacles, exterior, windows, and roof.

States that Require Home Inspections

There are states requiring home inspections unlike New York that doesn’t requires a home inspection such as Arizona, Nevada, Massachusetts, Connecticut and more. You can check your state here to find out of home inspections are required.

Things Not Included in a New York Home Inspection

While there are a lot of things included in the New York home inspection there are some things that are not. For instance, a home inspector doesn’t check for mold or termites. Those are additional areas that you will have to seek out other professionals for if you choose to have those areas of the home inspected.

Certified Home Inspector for a Home Inspection in New York

When hunting for a New York home inspector to do a New York home inspection make sure the person has taken and passed the New York Home Inspector Exam 2020 among other things. Ask your inspector if he/she is certified, qualified, has references, and how long they have been practicing as a home inspector.

Home Inspectors and Certifications

When hiring a home inspector, ask about their certifications and licenses — and know if there are any qualifications they must have. Careful hiring will ensure you receive a full inventory of your home's needs since home inspections are not required in New York.

Once you have found a home inspector who meets your needs, contact them for a free estimate beforehand because home inspections are not mandatory in New York, but are thought to be a good thing.

Because home inspections are not required in New York but believed to be helpful it's always a good idea to choose an inspector who holds a professional certification (s). And some states require it. Certifying organizations provide strict standards and ethics guidelines to prevent conflicts of interest, like a real estate agent paying for good or bad inspections. Organizations that certify home inspectors include American Society of Home Inspectors, National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, National Association of Home Inspectors and American Home Inspectors Training.

Cost of a Home Inspection

While home inspections are not required in New York and if you choose to go ahead with one get ready to open your wallet. The average cost of a home inspection nationwide is between $244 and $421, depending on your location and the size of your property. It's a no small expense, but if you're buying, refinancing, leasing, or reinsuring your home, it's worth having a professional inspection report especially since home inspections aren’t required in New York.

Home Inspectors Are Essential When Selling a Home

When all is said and done and you have decided it’s time to move from New York State go ahead and hire a home inspector since home inspections are not required in New York. You will be happy you hired a certified professional home inspector to provide the service and inspection for you.

The cost to purchase and close on a house can be costly without the additional costs of a home inspection. But this is perhaps a good reason why you should get a home inspection instead of trying to save a few bucks. You and your real estate agent will not be able to find all the problems with the house. While it may be relatively easy to detect problems with leaky faucets, damaged windows, or chipped paint, you won’t be able to unearth if there is a major electrical issue in the home, a highly damaged roof, or a major plumbing problem.

Instead, these are issues that, if left unrepaired, may cost you a lot more than the home inspection.

Therefore, investing in a home inspection even though not required in New York is considered essential by many to protecting your investment and your family.

After all, you don't want to rely on a simple eyeball inspection on your part or a real estate agent's appraisal of your home's problems. No, a proper home inspection not required in New York could reveal hidden problems, so you can repair them now and save perhaps thousands later.

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